Alice is a Senior Executive. Alice lacks visibility into her company's processes. She ends up making poor decisions when creating the budget. Watch to find out what happens next.

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Product Overview

A workflow engine that adapts to your business

TeamFlow builds a knowledge graph of your organization to give you better visibilty and drive workflow automation.


Jump right in and create your process diagram in seconds. Drag and drop tasks, meetings, decisions and more to bring your process to life.


Easily visualize your process with clean shapes and colors so that everyone in your organization can understand your process flows.


TeamFlow® uses a simple and easy-to-understand design language so that your process diagrams have a consistent look each and every time.

Security & Privacy

TeamFlow® is committed to privacy and security at every level. Our internal security framework is based on ISO/IEC guidelines. Your information is securely stored using the latest in encryption and security standards.

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Browser & OS Compatibility

Developed as a web-based application you can access anywhere, cross-browser and multiple operating system compatibility is important. This is why we added an easy to find table-chart to showcase our compatibilityv.

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