What Are People Saying About TeamFlow?


Keith Joyner, Customer Satisfaction and Quality Executive, Lucas Aerospace Ltd.

"TeamFlow is effective at all levels - from strategic planning to simple work instructions. It provides a standard way of recording activities and their related ownerships in a way that is self explanatory and quick to master. This is why I have adopted TeamFlow as the standard for use world-wide by all Lucas Aerospace sites."
Lucas Aerospace TeamFlow User Profile.


Gus Vess, Demand Flow Office training manager, American Standard, Inc.

"We involve the key players – the managers as well as the people who do the work. We used to work with large sheets of butcher paper on the walls and colored post-it notes to map out the as-is process. Now we use TeamFlow. Everything that used to go on the paper is now captured in TeamFlow, giving us a road map to follow. It's very easy to introduce changes to TeamFlow. The maps reconfigure automatically on-screen – just like a spreadsheet shows financial adjustments – so we can easily see the effects of a specific change. This gives us a benchmark to measure the new process against the old, a graphic aid to show us changes as they occur and something to measure them against."
American Standard TeamFlow User Profile.


Dwayne Eiford, Supervisor of Quality Engineering, Korry Electronics Company

"One of the real strengths of TeamFlow is that it provides a document system as well as a format. This system is what allows us to develop and chart procedures, and assign specific tasks to specific people. As a result, we're finding that as teams create their flowcharts, they're able to step back and examine their procedures, identify areas that can be improved, and incorporate changes. Other flowchart tools simply do not provide this kind of flexibility."
Korry Electronics TeamFlow User Profile.


Dr. Myron Tribus, Author of Deployment Flowcharting

"Modern industry is composed of practices, procedures, and processes that are too complicated for any one person to improve without help, and groups of people cannot work together without the ability to visualize what is going on. TeamFlow automates deployment flowcharting and provides the important tool required. In addition, its structure provides the discipline that teams need to do the job."


Jessica Lipnack & Jeffrey Stamps, NetAge Inc., Authors of: Virtual Teams, The Age of the Network and The TeamNet Factor

"When we were looking for software to implement the ideas in our books, nothing on the market came close to TeamFlow. TeamFlow captures all the pieces of the TeamNet planning process and turns them into cross boundary flowcharts that show who is involved at every step of the process, how information flows among the team members, and who needs to work together on different levels."


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 Last Update: November 4, 2009