Learning TeamFlow

With TeamFlow® you can create work process flowcharts in a matter of minutes. This section introduces you to the exclusive TeamView™ worksheet, which shows you at a glance the four major components of your team-based project - the Team that is working together to accomplish the goals of the project, the step-by-step Process that the members of the team will perform, the phases (or Time sequence) through which the work will proceed, and the Standards and other support documentation that will determine the Quality of the work.

The two lessons in this tutorial will introduce you to the main features of TeamFlow by carrying you through the steps necessary to create a process flowchart. For maximum benefit, you should follow the steps in these lessons with TeamFlow or the TeamFlow Demo running on your personal computer.

The TeamView Worksheet is a quick overview of how the parts of the TeamFlow display work together to provide a complete solution to your Team-based process modeling needs.

Lesson 1 will take you through the steps required to create a simple model: building the team, entering process elements, connecting the process elements with arrows to denote the flow of information and control through the process, and saving your model to disk. You should be able to go through Lesson 1 step-by-step in approximately 45 minutes.

Lesson 2 will show you how to perform some of the more detailed TeamFlow operations such as building hierarchies of worksheets and cutting and pasting process flow elements. You should be able to complete Lesson 2 in approximately 45 minutes.

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Last Update: October 24, 2005