In-depth TeamFlow User Profiles

Today, thousands of companies are using TeamFlow to help improve their business processes and increase the level of collaboration and productivity among their workgroups. Several of these companies have agreed to share their stories with you:

American Standard

American Standard is a global company located in 29 countries, and serving three business sectors: plumbing products, air-conditioning products, and transportation products. American Standard is applying demand flow production concepts to reengineered manufacturing and office processes, both within the company, and in coordination with its suppliers and customers. As an important tool in the program, American Standard selected CFM's TeamFlow software to map their current office processes, and track the results of proposed and implemented changes.

Please see the companion article in the November 19, 1996 issue of Business Week magazine.

American Standard TeamFlow User Profile.

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Approach Inc.

Approach Inc. provides integrated business solutions that unite management and technology consulting to Fortune 500 and mid-size clients in various industries such as finance, media, communications, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Approach uses TeamFlow as a development tool in its client work, as well as a means of developing and documenting its own processes.

The Approach Inc. TeamFlow User Profile has a detailed description of their application as well as a browser-viewable TeamFlow process model typical of their work.

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CFM Inc.

Yes, of course we use our own software!

CFM Inc. is an independently owned and operated software company in Bedford, Massachusetts, producing TeamFlow software for Microsoft Windows platforms.

CFM Inc. TeamFlow User Profile.

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Creative Learning Technologies, Inc.

Creative Learning Technologies, Inc. of Boise, Idaho is a virtual networking corporation that offers consulting services supported by innovative tools such as TeamFlow. Their mission is to help today's organizations stay highly competitive by integrating creativity, continuous learning and modern technologies.

Creative Learning Technologies TeamFlow User Profile.

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Ford Motor Company - Plant Vehicle Teams

Ford Motor Company's Plant Vehicle Teams are responsible for improvement of product quality and cost performance in Ford's assembly plants around the world. PVT's are the cross-functional teams which work within the plants to improve Ford's vehicles for the customers. TeamFlow was recently selected as the appropriate graphics tool to speed the work of the development teams.

Plant Vehicle Teams User Profile.

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Korry Electronics Company

Korry Electronics Company of Seattle, Washington is a leading international supplier of switches, integrated panels, keyboards, and electro-optical subsystems for the aerospace and defense industries. Using TeamFlow, Korry Electronics has created a visual, interactive model of all of their business processes that is easy to use and accessible to everyone across the organization.

Korry Electronics TeamFlow User Profile.

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Lucas Aerospace

Lucas Aerospace provides the global aerospace industry with high integrity systems in flight controls, engine controls, electrical power generation and management and cargo handling, all backed by a worldwide customer support operation. TeamFlow has been adopted by Lucas Aerospace worldwide as the standard tool for process definition and mapping.

Lucas Aerospace TeamFlow User Profile.

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McComb Inc.

McComb Inc. of Dearborn, Michigan is a provider of process improvement consulting to the automotive and other industries. TeamFlow is an important part of McComb's implementation of integrated process flowcharts which it introduced to Ford in 1988.

McComb Inc. TeamFlow User Profile.

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Quality Management International

Quality Management International uses TeamFlow to help their clients make ISO 9000 registration simple and certain.

Quality Management International TeamFlow User Profile.

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 Last Update: November 4, 2009