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Lucas Aerospace

"TeamFlow has the potential to simplify the most complex management tasks
and satisfy the most demanding project managers."

Lucas Aerospace provides the global aerospace industry with high integrity systems in flight controls, engine controls, electrical power generation and management and cargo handling, all backed by a worldwide customer support operation. Lucas Aerospace is a division of LucasVarity. LucasVarity designs, manufactures and supplies advanced technology systems, products and services in the world's automotive and aerospace industries.

Lucas Aerospace is streamlining all their operational processes worldwide. Keith Joyner, Customer Satisfaction & Quality Executive for Lucas Aerospace, knew that he needed a "standard method of recording activities." He had previously used TeamFlow on a special project and knew the benefits it could bring to this task.

Among its many benefits, Joyner sees TeamFlow's graphic representation of text as a real plus. Processes that take six or seven pages of text to describe can be represented easily into one picture. And that picture not only shows the activities to be done, but also forces the designer to allocate ownership of work. In this way, full accountability is required for each activity.

"TeamFlow is effective at all levels from strategic planning down to simple work instructions," Joyner said. "It provides a standard way of recording activities and their related ownerships in a way that is self explanatory and quick to master. When you add the ease of integration with other software and the flexibility of use to drive and support other systems, it has the potential to simplify the most complex management tasks and satisfy the most demanding project managers. This is why I have adopted TeamFlow as the standard for use world-wide by all Lucas Aerospace sites."

TeamFlow has been adopted by Lucas Aerospace worldwide as the standard tool for process definition and mapping. Each site will identify the processes that need improvement and model them, using TeamFlow to standardize the models. This will allow direct comparisons of processes from various sites. A worldwide process team will develop Best Practice for each process, across all functions including Design/development, Manufacturing and After-market. These models can then be distributed via Lucas Aerospace's intranet for customization and adoption at each site.

TeamFlow was recently introduced to Lucas Aerospace managers at a Process Improvement workshop in the U.K. During the workshop, a large group of managers developed a process flow. "To try and define process by committee is hard," Joyner said. "But using TeamFlow, we did it in 30 minutes. It was amazing!"

TeamFlow is easy to learn and use. Joyner said it took very little time for him to map a procedure and refine it , consolidating several pages of text. He quickly identified duplication of effort and reworked the process to eliminate this non-value-added work. As Lucas Aerospace continues to streamline their operational processes, TeamFlow will be there to help.

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 Last Update: November 4, 2009