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Korry Electronics Company

"One of the real strengths of TeamFlow
is that it provides a document system as well as a format."

Korry Electronics Company of Seattle, Washington is a leading international supplier of switches, integrated panels, keyboards, and electro-optical subsystems for the aerospace and defense industries. Korry is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Technologies, of Bellevue, Washington.

TeamFlow has helped Korry Electronics achieve ISO 9001 Registration and is now making it possible to rapidly and accurately deploy business process models throughout the organization. By making this data available over the network, Korry has essentially eliminated the need for cumbersome procedure manuals.

Korry Electronics first turned to TeamFlow for Networks simply as a documentation tool to help it meet the ISO 9001 Quality Standard. What it found in TeamFlow, however, was not only a way to easily and comprehensively document departmental procedures and business processes, but a means to make that data quickly and easily accessible to all its employees, anywhere in the organization.

Dwayne Eiford, Supervisor of Quality Engineering at Korry:

"Using TeamFlow , we saw that we could easily create flowcharts to document the flow of our business processes. These company-wide flowcharts incorporate the procedures of every group within our organization - from sales and marketing to manufacturing, to human resources, to finance - and begins from the time we start to discuss an order with a customer, continuing through all the steps that go into the final delivery, set-up and support of the order. We call our system 'Process Advantage 9001,' and it represents the top level flow of all our procedures."

One of the real strengths of TeamFlow, Eiford notes, is that it provides a document system as well as a format. "This system is what allows us to develop and chart procedures, and assign specific tasks to specific people. As a result, we're finding that as teams create their flowcharts, they're able to step back and examine their procedures, identify areas that can be improved, and incorporate changes. Other flowchart tools simply do not provide this kind of flexibility."

Using TeamFlow, Korry Electronics created a visual, interactive format that's easy to use, and accessible to everyone across the organization. Managers can incorporate updates to their department's processes, and employees can see those updates in real time. The flowchart format also makes it much simpler for employees who speak English as a second language to quickly find and access the data they need. By making this data available over the network, Korry has essentially eliminated the need for cumbersome procedure manuals.

"By leveraging TeamFlow's network capabilities, we've been able to take an innovative approach that's already showing results," Eiford adds. "Our employees are gaining a broader understanding of operating procedures, and as a result, we're seeing improvements in the ways employees are working, as well as greater accuracy in implementation and follow-through."

Today over 400 employees companywide are using TeamFlow. "TeamFlow is a very intuitive product, typically taking no more than 20 minutes to learn, so it's been readily adopted by each of our departments," Eiford concludes. "The product's strength and ease of use has made it a valuable tool at all levels of our organization."

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 Last Update: November 4, 2009