How Is TeamFlow Used?

Create winning project proposals.
TeamFlow makes it easy to see the sequence of events from beginning to end of a project and illustrates individual responsibility. A project is more likely to be accepted if everyone can "get the big picture" quickly and easily.

Make project planning more effective.
Think through project planning with the whole team in the room. TeamFlow on an overhead projector helps everyone visualize and design the process in real time. Changes can be made quickly and easily. Print the process flowchart and Gantt chart and everyone leaves the meeting with a copy of the project outline.

Manage projects and teams easily.
TeamFlow quickly becomes the manager's best friend - keeping track of who on the team is involved in what and when. TeamFlow helps inform every team member of roles and responsibilities. People and resources are managed more effectively when there is an awareness of interdependencies.

Improve processes efficiently.
Getting a clear picture of the current process is the first step toward improvement - for hospitals, for other service industries and for manufacturing industries. Capture the current process in TeamFlow; bottle-necks show up clearly. Make revisions quickly and easily with TeamFlow's powerful drag and drop features.

Document projects and processes painlessly.
One of the strongest features of TeamFlow is the ability to create live links to any document you can access from your computer. Attach budgets, meeting agendas and minutes, even drawings to create a complete record of any project.

Make your quality manual readable and usable.
Use TeamFlow to capture all your process flows for your Quality manual for ISO certification requirements. Create a link from any process step to any document on your computer - forms, descriptive text etc. Everything can be on-line!

Link process to Lotus Notes® databases.
TeamFlow for Windows is now the perfect companion for Lotus Notes. Keep all the documentation for your process in a Notes database. Write a simple script of Notes commands in TeamFlow to tie a process step to its Notes document. When the user clicks on that icon, TeamFlow will navigate directly to the Notes document needed and present it on the screen. Use TeamFlow to capture your work process and drive your Notes database.

 Last Update: November 4, 2009