Download TeamFlow Support Files

We offer several files you may download to support your work with TeamFlow.

These files are intended for the use of legitimate TeamFlow users and evaluators.
Any other use is contrary to the intent of this web site and is prohibited.

* Download the TeamFlow Version 9 User's Manual.

The complete TeamFlow 9 User's Manual is available as a PDF file. This is a ZIP file, approximately 2.5 MB in size. You will need the Acrobat PDF Viewer that Adobe distributes at no charge to view the manual. You may download the Viewer from Adobe’s web site at

Download the TeamFlow Version 9 User's Manual

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Download the TeamFlow 9 Viewer.

This Viewer allows you to view TeamFlow deployment flowcharts created by TeamFlow Version 9 on any modern web browser.

The Download is about 210K. It will place a file named teamflowviewer.jar in your downloads directory. This is the entire viewer. You may download this file directly into your .../TeamFlow 9/Programs/ folder, replacing the original version there, or copy it to whatever location you wish.

You may freely copy or distribute this Viewer. You may not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise charge for it or for its use. If you are building a web site using TeamFlow images, we suggest you FTP the JAR file to your web site to assure your users the best possible access to it. You may also attach the JAR file to an e-mail along with your TeamFlow-created HTML and TML files to send to friends, co-workers, or customers.

Download the TeamFlow 9 Viewer.

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 Last Update: April 25, 2014