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Creative Learning Technologies, Inc.

"Regardless of who you are, you understand
where you fit in the larger picture."

Creative Learning Technologies, Inc. of Boise, Idaho is a virtual networking corporation that offers consulting services supported by innovative tools. Their mission is to help today's organizations stay highly competitive by integrating creativity, continuous learning and modern technologies.

When Creative Learning Technologies first discovered TeamFlow it was an instant match. In the business of helping companies respond productively to today's fast-changing business environment, they seek out tools that maximize the effectiveness of a team's process. "Understanding the interdependencies that accompany the deployment of resources and management of workflow is a core competency that needs to be underscored," says Alex Pattakos, the co-founder and lead consultant for CLT. "TeamFlow provides a user-friendly tool for building such capacity."

Pattakos works as a Team Learning and Creative Learning Organization consultant with companies at all stages of process development and has found TeamFlow helpful in a variety of ways:

  • AS A PROCESS DESIGN TOOL: "One of the most critical things," Pattakos says, "is to help people see things in different ways. TeamFlow's visual presentation creates that AHA! that helps individuals understand the larger picture of a project's design."

  • AS A MANAGEMENT TOOL: TeamFlow helps create an awareness of who needs to be involved at what point in any project. At the top level, it creates the focus on the team necessary to make sure all the stakeholders are represented at the appropriate time. Pattakos uses TeamFlow to help people manage their resources and projects more effectively by helping them manage interdependencies. "Every manager should have a copy of TeamFlow on their desk," says Pattakos.

  • AS A LEARNING TOOL FOR TEAMWORK: "We are also using TeamFlow as a team learning tool and building that into the design process," adds Pattakos. "By focusing on team learning along with early development a project, a company can reduce the time it takes to get a team up and running and working efficently." TeamFlow helps the players look across the project and see exactly where they fit and how what they do affects the final product. Regardless of who you are — production worker in manufacturing or senior project manager — you understand where you fit in the larger picture.

  • AS A DOCUMENTATION TOOL: Some piece of every project is repeatable with the next project and much of a process can be improved upon examination. TeamFlow creates a history of any process that can be copied or duplicated or improved on the next time. And because you can attach actual documents — budgets, meeting minutes and agendas, even drawings — to any process step you can create a full record of the project.

"TeamFlow is one of the best software tools on the market! I don't leave home without it," Pattakos concludes.

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 Last Update: November 4, 2009