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CFM Inc.

"With TeamFlow, we easily communicated with our extended team
and had clear documentation for future reference."

CFM Inc. is an independently owned and operated software company in Bedford MA, producing TeamFlow software for the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms.

CFM relies heavily on an extended team of vendors and service providers. TeamFlow is an invaluable tool for mapping and tracking the complex interrelationships between these various business partners.

Like many small and medium sized firms, CFM relies on a team net of business partners. Having an extensive team allows the core company to remain small but function like a large corporation as needed, particularly around large scale projects like bringing a new version of TeamFlow to market.

Clear communication to all team members becomes even more critical when the team is dispersed over a large geographical region. TeamFlow is used for all TeamFlow releases to keep everyone informed, both at CFM and our extended team including the software developers, technical documenters, quality assurance team, public relations, the printer and publisher, the package design team, and the mailing house. Catherine Blanchard, CFM's Chief Operations Officer and Vice-President of Marketing tells the story:

"At the start of the Version 9 release project we mapped the process with representatives from all the outside businesses as well as with the other internal CFM people. Everyone got a copy of the final TeamFlow chart. We kept a full size printout on the wall for everyone to refer to as needed here. Then periodically we would update progress and revise as necessary. I know it made it easier for everyone to keep track of the details and to see how their part of production affected others' schedules. We were so successful at keeping everyone on time that we shipped our new product one full week ahead of schedule."

It had also made the post production evaluation process easier. "We had a clear map of the entire process and this gave us a great starting place for planning our next release. We were able to analyze problem areas and capture improvements before they were forgotten," Blanchard said.

"Now we are planning the next TeamFlow Version. The task is so much easier because we still have all the documentation from previous releases."

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 Last Update: November 4, 2009